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Licensed in the State of Oregon. eXp Realty, LLC | 18156 Pioneer Ct, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

jeff.richmond@exprealty.com   |   541-531-0975

Jeff Richmond has established himself as a thought leader, business coach, consultant, entrepreneur, and all-around troublemaker. Jeff grew a team in the real estate space to sell in the top 1% in the nation in under 3 years in business and has extensive knowledge of the practical considerations when growing a real estate business. With his partner Lexy Sanchez, Jeff owns and operates a business coaching firm committed to client success through accountability, training, and strategy.

Having decided in 2016 to partner as an owner and regional leader with eXp Realty, the leading agent-owned virtual brokerage, Jeff Richmond has been opening the door for agents across the US to grow their own brand with a company that teaches brokers how to increase their net earnings while best servicing their clients.

Powered by eXp Realty, LLC. 18156 Pioneer Ct, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Jeff Richmond, Licensed Realtor in Oregon.

Powered by eXp Rea‍‍‍lty, LLC

eXp Rea‍‍‍lty, LLC

We are a proud part of eXp Realty, the world leader in agent-owned virtual brokerage. This partnership affords us resources, infrastructure, and marketing unparalleled in the industry as well as allowing our agents to earn equity ownership in a publicly traded company - EXP World Holdings, Inc (EXPI). Watch the video to learn more about our model.

We believe in changing the face of real estate in Oregon. We believe in strong customer service and in passionate communication. We believe in working harder and smarter on behalf of our clients to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcomes from their real estate transactions. Lastly, we believe that it is our job to build a strong community and work every day to change lives through giving back.

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Licensed in the State of Oregon. eXp Realty, LLC | 18156 Pioneer Ct, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

lexy.sanchez@exprealty.com   |   503-884-0244

Lexy Sanchez is one of the leading businesswomen in Oregon. When she is not consulting in the real estate space, she is a business coach, entrepreneur, management expert, and master chef. After catapulting to the top of the real estate industry, Lexy partnered with Jeff Richmond to form a business coaching company focused on building profitable businesses that protect quality of life.

Lexy Sanchez made the decision in 2016 to partner as an owner and regional leader with eXp Realty - owned by EXP World Holdings, Inc (EXPI). She now works diligently to cultivate agents in the most revolutionary agent-centric company in the real estate space.

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